9:00 Conference Opening - Moritz Diehl

Keynote - Fort Felker, Makani/X
Progress and Challenges in Airborne Wind Energy

10:10 Poster Spotlights 1

Johannes Peschel, Kitepower
Kitepower - Commercializing a 100 kW mobile wind energy system

Hisham Eldeeb, TU Munich
Highly Efficient Fault-Tolerant Electrical Drives for Airborne Wind Energy Systems

Volkan Salma, ESTEC-ESA/TU Delft
Systematic Reliability and Safety Analysis for Kite Power System


Lode Carnel, Kitemill AS
From prototype engineering towards commercialiation

Frederic Bourgault, New Leaf Mngt.
Efficient and Power Smoothing Drive-Train Concept for Pumping Kite Generators using Hydraulics

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Fernando Fontes, Uni Porto
Guaranteed Collision Avoidance in Multi-Kite Power Systems


Gustav Kugelberg, KiteX
Policy Development and Roadmapping for Kite Energy

Mahdi E. Salari, Uni Limerick
Operation of Direct Interconnected AWE Systems under Normal and Fault Conditions

- cancelled -


Rolf Luchsinger, TwingTecAG
Off-grid, Off-shore and Energy Drones: TwingTec's Roadmap to Wind Energy 2.0

Andrea Zanelli, Uni Freiburg
Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of a Large-Scale Quadrotor

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Markus Sommerfeld (for Ilona Bastigkeit), Fraunhofer IWES
High Altitude LiDAR Measurements of the Wind Conditions for Airborne Wind Energy Systems


Alexander Bormann, Enerkite GmbH
Airborne Wind Energy - a game changing technology and a global success?

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Eva Ahbe, ETH Zurich
Stability Certificates for a Model-Based Controller for Autonomous Power Kites

Markus Sommerfeld, Uni Victoria
LES generated turbulent inflow fields from mesoscale modeling driven by LiDAR measurements


Peter Harrop, IDTechEx Ltd.
Commercialisation of AWE 2017-2037

Sebastian Rapp, TU Delft
Towards Robust Automatic Operation of Rigid Wing Kite Power Systems

Thomas Haas, KU Leuven
Large Eddy Simulation of Airborne Wind Energy Systems in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer


Simon Heyes, Kite Power Systems Ltd.
Kite Power Systems - Update & Progress on the Development of A 500 kW Kite Energy System at West Freugh, Scotland

Petr Listov, EPF Lausanne
Nonlinear Model Predictive Path Following Control of a Fixed-Wing Single-Line Kite

David Wölfle, EWC Weather Consult
Long-term corrected wind resource estimation for AWE converters


Durk Steenhuizen, Ampyx Power B.V
Design Automation in the Conceptual Design of Airborne Wind Energy Systems

Ahmad Hably, Grenoble INP
AWE systems in an innovation course

Kristian Petrick, Airborne Wind Europe
AWE Policy Initiative - preparing the grounds for AWE-specific incentive schemes


Florian Bauer, TU Munich
Power Curve and Design Optimization of Drag Power Kites

Lorenz Affentranger, ETH Zurich
ftero - On the Development of an Airborne Wind Energy System


Giovanni Licitra, Ampyx Power
OpenAWE: An Open Source Toolbox for the Optimization of AWE Flight Trajectories

Manfred Quack, SkySails Power GmbH
Recent Advances in Automation of Tethered Flight at SkySails Power


Plenary - Lorenzo Fagiano, Politecnico Milano
On autonomous take-off of tethered rigid wings in compact space for airborne wind energy


Plenary - Richard Ruiterkamp, Ampyx Power B.V.
AP-3, a safety and autonomy demonstrator for utility-scale Airborne Wind Energy



Keynote - Henrik Stiesdal, DTU
Airborne Wind Energy - Challenges and Opportunities based on Experiences From the Conventional Wind Industry

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Poster Spotlights 2


Paul Thedens, Uni Freiburg
Ram-Air Kite Reinforcement Optimisation for Airborne Wind Energy Applications

Mitchell Cobb, UNC Charlotte
Evolution of a Lab-Scale Platform for Dynamically-Scalable Characterization of Airborne Wind Energy System Flight Dynamics and Control

Rachel Leuthold, Uni Freiburg
The effect of realistic wind profiles on multiple-kite system optimal control


Roland Schmehl (for Axelle Viré), TU Delft
Direct numerical simulations of flow past a leading edge inflatable wing

Hiroki T. Endo, Kyushu Uni
Experimental setup to study airborne wind energy generation using a train of kites

Elena Malz, Chalmers
AWE Optimization on Big Wind Data


Mikko Folkersma, TU Delft
Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulations on Kites

- did not yet permit publication -

Tore Meinert, Lista AWE Center AS
The establishment of an airborne wind energy test center in Lista, Norway

Gabriele Bedon, ECN
Offshore Airborne Wind Energy TKI Sea-Air-Farm Aerodynamic Performance, Installation and Operation and Maintenance


Maximilian Ranneberg, viiflow
Fast Aero-elastic Analysis for Airborne Wind Energy Wings using Viscous-Inviscid Interaction

Joep Breuer, Kitepower B.V
Unmanned Valley Valkenburg - Drone and Airborne Wind Energy Testing in the Netherlands

Sil Drenth, Ampyx Power B.V.
Limiting wave conditions for landing air-borne wind energy aircraft on a floating platform


Gael de Oliveira, TU Delft
Multiobjective Airfoil Design for Airborne Wind Energy

Giovanni Licitra, Ampyx Power B.V.
System identification of a Rigid Wing Airborne Wind Energy Pumping System

Roland Schmehl, TU Delft
EU Horizon 2020 projects AWESCO and REACH - Advancing Airborne Wind Energy Technologies by Systematic Research and Development


Urban Fasel, ETH Zurich
Aerostructural Analysis and Optimization of Morphing Wings for AWE Applications

Fabian Girrbach, Xsens Technologies
On Robust Sensor Fusion of GNSS and IMU for Airborne Wind Energy Systems

Udo Zillmann, Airborne Wind Europe

Do We Still Need Airborne Wind Energy?

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Richard Leloup, Beyound the Sea
Kite profile optimization using Reynolds-Averaged-Navier-Stokes flow simulations

Tarek Dief, Kyushu Uni
System Identification, Adaptive Control and Experimantal Measurements of a Pumping Kite Power System

Nicholas Tucker, Makani/X
A Techno-Economic Analysis of Energy Kites

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Ashwin Candade, EnerKite GmbH
Structural Analysis and Optimization of an Airborne Wind Energy System

- did not yet permit publication -

Eduardo Schmidt, UF Santa Catarina
Radio-Frequency Positioning for Airborne Wind Energy Systems

Henrik Wall, E.ON GmbH
An Energy Utility Perspective on and Approach to Airborne Wind

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15:50 Poster Prize Award
16:10 Panel Discussion and Conference Closing