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AWEsome: An affordable standardized open-source test platform for AWE systems

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Methodology Improvement for Performance Assessment of Pumping Kite Power Wing

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Application of the Estimation-Before-
Modeling Method to the Aerodynamic
Characterization of Power Kites

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Multiple-Wake Vortex Method for Leading Edge Inflatable tube kites used in Airborne Wind Energy Systems


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An Optimal Sizing Tool for Airborne Wind Energy Systems

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Kite as a Beam Modelling Approach: Assessment by Finite Element Analysis


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Challenges of Morphing Wings for Airborne Wind Energy Systems

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Kite Flight Simulators Based on Minimal Coordinate Formulations


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Tether Traction Control in Pumping-Kite Systems

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Modeling and control of Magnus effect based AWE systems

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Daisy & AWES Networks: Scalable, autonomous AWES with continuous power output

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Modelling and Simulation Studies of a Networked Rotary Kite System


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Fusing Kite and Tether into one Unit

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Inertia-Supported Pumping Cycles with a Roto-Kite

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The Sea-Air-Farm project

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A Study on wind power evolutions


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Policy Recommendation for Airborne Wind Energy

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Non-linear modeling with learned parameter refinements for NMPC on a real-world aerodynamic system

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Determination of Optimal Control Laws in Airborne Wind Energy Scenarios With a Self-Consistent Kite Dynamics Model

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Comparison of Launching & Landing Approaches

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Experimental Characterization of a Force-Controlled Flexible Wing Traction Kite

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Automatic Measurement and  Characterization of the Dynamic Properties of Tethered Flexible Wings

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High fidelity aeroelastic analysis of a membrane wing

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A Wake Model for Crosswind Kite Systems


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Preliminary test on automatic take-off and landing of a multi-drone low-drag Airborne Wind Energy System

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Rotary airborne wind energy systems with ground based power generation: Overview and practical experiences

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Pumping Cycle Based on Elastic Tether

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On the Way to Small-Scale Wind Drones – A Networked Approach


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High-Sky Wind Energy Generation on Tethered System

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A low-cost Fiber Optic Avionics Network for Control of an Energy Kite


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An Open-source Software Platform for AWE systems

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Safety Analysis of Airborne Wind Energy Systems