What will be exhibited?

A simple Ground-station Power Take Off Unit

Basically it’s like a bicycle wheel / kite anchor.

Spinning kites turn the wheel which has a generator attached.



What is special about the exhibited system/object?

Nothing is special about this system - which makes it extremely special.

The simplicity of the device was previously thought to have been impossible to implement.

Despite the simplicity, torsional power transfer by spread tensioned lines, is still an unexplored system in mechanics.

The wheel rim is connected to rings of spinning kites.

As the kites spin their tense lines also spin the wheel.

It’s a very simple way to make an efficient, safe, scalable and cheap flying wind turbine.

The simple wheel / kite anchor model enables autonomous spinning kite networks without needing any control systems.

The project is published open source hardware so anybody can replicate it without license.


What vision does your company/group have for the exhibited system/object? What is the vision of the company/group, in general?

The concept enables scaling of kite power systems. The work of hundreds of kites can be efficiently combined into a single Kite Turbine. Further, multiple Kite Turbines can now be set close together in kite farms to use land area more efficiently.

I’m going to charge an E-car with a kite turbine which fits inside the car before 21 Dec 2017

Who is the contact person for this exhibit?

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

00 44 7899057227


All video media on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2eAHVBBCoO19xBuGOY73Zw

And  http://windswept-and-interesting.co.uk/

Is freely available for you to share any way you like.