What will be exhibited?

At the Airborne Wind Energy Conference the ftero team presents their groundstation with a built in generator. Furthermore, a full carbon prototype with a wingspan of five meters is presented.

What is special about the exhibited system/object?

One of the most interesting aspects of the presented aircraft called EMMA (Energy Generating Morphing Mobile Aircraft) is the implemented camber morphing system. By using internal actuation the geometry of the wing can be changed and the flightpath of the aircraft can be controlled. Therefore, regular flaps are not needed anymore. Due to the fact that no conventional flaps-mechanism is needed the overall weight gets smaller. Additionally less gaps in the wing surface can be implemented which results in a better efficiency and an higher power production.

What vision does your company/group have for the exhibited system/object? What is the vision of the company/group, in general?

At the moment ftero is a student-project. It started as a part of the BSc studies of nine future Mechanical and Electrical Engineers at ETH Zurich. In the next two semesters a new team of eight students will continue the development of a fully functioning AWE system. We are looking forward to continuing the ftero project as a Start-Up 2018.

Who is the contact person for this exhibit?

Fabian Wiesemüller is responsible for the External Relations of ftero. His contact address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..