What will be exhibited?

Beyond the sea/OCEA will present the LibertyKite®, an innovative and very simple kite wing dedicated to the propulsion of small boats

What is special about the exhibited system/object?

The main advantages of the LibertyKite® are:

  • The kite can be sent, recovered, and operated from the deck of a boat by one single person unexperienced in manoeuvring kites (unlike the conventional kites that are sent from the beach or from the surface of the water).

  • The kite is stable on a given position of traction or during sending/recovery phases. When the kite is set to a stable position, it stays there and it is able to return to the stable position. In this phase, the kite tows the boat and is therefore unlikely to fall into the water.

  • The kite is easily adaptable to any boat. The absence of rigid or inflatable structure makes it very small and convenient to pack and put away.

  • The kite allows navigation from crosswind to downwind safely.

What vision does your company/group have for the exhibited system/object? What is the vision of the company/group, in general?

The commercialization phase is now launched since we now have a product ready for the marketed. The aim of the society is to sale the LibertyKite® all around the world including Germany

Who is the contact person for the exhibit?

Richard LELOUP, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +33 (0)6 47 12 33 57